Moving To Scotland

If at any time you have considered emigrating or living in the north of Great Britain, you will be interested in knowing all the aspects that the country of Scotland has.

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About Scotland

Scotland occupies a third of the island of Great Britain (where England and Wales are also located) and about 900 islands, distributed in 3 main archipelagos: Shetland, Orkney and Hebrides. Scotland is a beautiful country, well worth a visit. Its capital Edinburgh, with the castle on top of the hill, and its Highlands, so peculiar, are certainly an excellent reason to visit the country.

Life in Scotland

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Migrant Workers

After Brexit: Scotland’s struggle to compete for migrant workers Since 2004, thousands of EU citizens have come to Scotland every year, mainly taking care of less skilled jobs, despite often having high levels of education. Many remained, raising families and contributing to their local communities. Contrary to UK-wide targets for reducing migration, political leaders, local

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Scotland Immigration

Scotland is a place where many people want to emigrate, either for work reasons or to practice English. However, adapting to this country is not always easy, and many have to return the way they came because they cannot find what they expected. To find out if you are going to be able to live

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Living and Working in Orkney

One of the most interesting challenges for Orkney visitors and residents is the search for spiritual accompaniment. In this part of the world, where the social isolation of a lifestyle based on the British colonial architecture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries blends with the welcoming social ambiance and welcoming culture of the West End

Software For Clinical Trials In Scotland

Software for clinical trials is a key way in which clinical trials are enabled across the country. When evaluating the impact that software can have on trials, it is important to take into account the different type of software that is available as well as the way in which it can affect the overall effectiveness

Passports, Visas and Customs

Planning a trip to Scotland or want to move there? Great! We are looking forward to receiving you. If this is your first visit, you may have questions about passports, visas, currency and customs. Here we will answer those questions. Do I Need a Passport to go to Scotland? Important: As of October 1, 2021,