Are There Grants For Solar Panels in Scotland?

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Are There Grants For Solar Panels in Scotland?

Are You Making Your Home Greener? Home Energy Scotland and the ECO Scheme Can Provide assistance with grants for solar panels in Scotland including the eco 4 grant scheme.

The ECO 4 scheme covers most of the costs associated with installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for households on benefits.

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Home Energy Scotland

Home Energy Scotland is a free service provided by the Scottish government that helps households save money on energy bills. They offer loans and the eco 4 grant scheme for energy efficiency measures and renewable energy systems, such as solar panels. Furthermore, advice and property surveys are offered. It must be applied for directly; third parties cannot apply on your behalf.

To determine whether you qualify for loans and grants for solar panels in Scotland, visit Grants Gateway and enter your postcode. A home improvement advisor will explain which improvements might make your home less expensive to heat and keep warm, as well as any funding options that might be available depending on your individual situation and the measures you wish to install.

While new applications for Warmer Homes Scotland have been temporarily suspended, existing ones will continue until October. This gives people time to find qualified installers and complete their applications before hearing back from an advisor with any queries about how the scheme works and helping get them underway.

ECO schemes were initially developed to assist households in lowering fuel costs; however, over time, they have expanded to incorporate renewable technologies and enhance home energy efficiency. Their goal is to reduce our electricity use through efficient heating and insulation measures.

Warmer Homes in Scotland

Warmer Homes Scotland, an energy savings improvement scheme funded by the Scottish government, specialises in energy-saving upgrades like home insulation, heating, and draught-proofing for households on low incomes.

Eligibility includes those claiming benefits such as child benefit, pensioners, parents, carers, veterans, etc. who receive certain forms of support such as child benefit, pensioners, etc. Recent figures indicate 25,000 Scottish households have received support to make heating their homes more affordably, surpassing the numbers provided during a coronavirus pandemic when its programmes were temporarily paused due to the pandemic when over 37,000 families received assistance during that period!

The ECO4 grant programme covers the costs associated with installing solar panels on eligible properties, specifically homes with an EPC rating of F or G that waste a significant amount of energy. It also helps households upgrade heating systems and insulation.

The ECO4 grant is available to both Scottish homeowners and tenants. In order to qualify, their home must be occupied by themselves or family members and receive an EPC rating of F or G. It offers interest-free loans over five or ten years and can help reduce electricity bills and carbon footprints significantly. In addition to the grant itself, some energy suppliers also provide discounted rates that assist families financially when paying their energy costs.


The Government’s ECO 4 scheme helps both homeowners and tenants finance home improvements that increase energy efficiency, such as solar panels. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight into free electricity for your appliances and heating system, saving money on energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. Grants are available for homeowners or private landlords with EPC ratings of D, E, or F.

The eligibility criteria of ECO 4 differ greatly from prior schemes in that it covers households receiving benefits and families with a household income of less than £40,000. It also offers much greater funding for energy efficiency measures.

ECO4 is similar to Warmer Homes Scotland in that it allows homeowners to increase their energy efficiency with renewable technology such as solar PV. Solar panels do not need direct sunlight to produce electricity; therefore, they can still produce power even on cloudy days, cutting electricity bills and increasing savings during Britain’s cost of living crisis. In addition, any excess power produced from these solar panels can be sold back onto the grid when there is excess production, making them a good investment! Furthermore, VAT for energy-saving technologies purchased or installed up until 2027 has been reduced from 100% down to zero, adding further incentives towards efficiency from these technologies that save energy or cut costs.


Solar PV panels (or photovoltaic cells) can help you save money on energy costs. By turning sunlight into electricity using semi-conductor cells in an array, solar PV systems convert sunlight into DC current, which is converted to AC via an inverter and then used to power appliances in your home. Furthermore, surplus electricity generated can even be sold back onto the grid, which further lowers costs.

Solar PV systems work extremely well in Scotland; an average 3.5 kW system can produce enough energy to power an average three-bedroom household for half of each year; even during Scotland’s heatwave in 2018, solar power met or exceeded demand in many locations!

ECO2 is a government programme to help households save energy costs by installing renewable heating and insulation technologies, including renewable heat sources such as solar. The programme is open to households receiving benefits as well as those who live in homes with an EPC rating of F or G.

The scheme is funded by UK taxpayers, and payments are distributed monthly via direct debit payments to your energy provider. This means no upfront payments need to be made for measures installed, and interest-free loans may even be available based on criteria such as the age and energy efficiency of properties.