How to Find A Job in Scotland

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How to Find A Job in Scotland

Working in Scotland has quite a few positive points. The unemployment rate is much lower than in the rest of the UK and, furthermore, there are not as many foreigners looking for work there as in other cities such as London.

Do not forget that they are still speaking English, making it a good place to study or learn English while working. The best cities are Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Although the unemployment rate is low, it must be taken into account which sectors are the most productive. In Scotland 92.2% is the service sector with possibilities for migrant workers (public services, health and education are 25%; hospitality and tourism 20% and administration, IT and finance 30%).

The sectors in which there is not so much work are construction (4.2%), the industrial sector (2.8%) and the primary sector (0.7%).

As for the salary, as in all countries, it depends on your occupation. You can check the national minimum wage, because if you go to start from the bottom it will be the one you will receive. The same happens with your level of English, because they will not ask for the same in all jobs. Check all the requirements, before immigrate in Scotland

Before looking for a job, keep in mind that you have to write your CV in English format and you have to know how to write cover letters.

One of the many ways to find work is by visiting the companies’ offices directly, through job agencies or using the internet and social media contacts to apply online.

Being a member of the EU, you do not need any special permission to work, but you will have to apply for the National Insurance Number (NIN). You can also consult the Consulates in Edinburgh for any questions or problems.

To search for job offers in the cities you can make use of the Job Centres and employment agencies.


Seeking Clarity Through A Psychic

In additional to conventional job seeking methods, you may also find it beneficial to use reliable psychics at Juneau Empire.

Doing this can give you information and rough guidance regarding what direction your career may take in the

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Many people find that later in life they may want to pursue a career which is entirely different from the one that they

had originally trained and worked in. Psychics can be one of the facilitators in helping jobseekers to achieve and work

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