The Journal of the Scottish Church History Society

Journal of the Scottish Church History Society. Covering all periods and denominations within Scottish church history. The medieval church held immense power, yet wasn’t immune from criticism. If one refused to obey, imprisonment or even death could follow; such was the case with George Wishart, an influential person who eventually helped lead John Knox towards

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The Largest Churches in Scotland

The Church of Scotland is in decline due to many reasons, such as falling birth rates, declining congregations, and its inability to reach younger generations. There have been suggestions of improving technology usage or liberalizing views on gay marriage as potential solutions. After Scotland separated from Rome, worship and ministry changed to follow Reformation principles,

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How to Find A Job in Scotland

Working in Scotland has quite a few positive points. The unemployment rate is much lower than in the rest of the UK and, furthermore, there are not as many foreigners looking for work there as in other cities such as London. Do not forget that they are still speaking English, making it a good place

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