Living And Working In Scotland


Living And Working In Scotland

The job opportunities in Scotland are endless. its reach history and architecture has made it a top tourist destination, which means people travel from all over the world to take part in what is probably the best summer holiday you can ever experience. As a result, Scotland has become a very popular destination for work and living in Europe as well. As the economic status of the country improves, more companies will move to Scotland and set up bases there.

The city of Edinburgh is a popular historic town that is an excellent base from which to explore all of Scotland. Due to the number of tourists that come to Scotland each year, Edinburgh is a bustling central location that houses many prominent companies that have set up bases. The banking sector is one that encompasses many of the many prominent employers in Edinburgh. Financial sector jobs in Edinburgh include positions as controllers, finance directors and bankers.

Another hot spot in Scotland for those on a work placement in Scotland is the city of Glasgow, a more industrial but incredibly fast developing city nesting various businesses from national to international. One of the most popular jobs in Glasgow is asset servicing. This involves the searching, locating and finding of new clients that require a wide variety of services and products. The companies that offer this type of job in Scotland are typically global and international in nature. They are located throughout the entire United Kingdom and northern Europe.

Construction firms in Scotland are another popular site for those in the asset servicing field. The second-largest construction firm in Scotland is Balfa Engineering. Glasgow International Finance and Construction Company is also another popular company. They are based in the city of Glasgow.


Working in and around the capital city of Edinburgh provides a wide range of job opportunities. These opportunities are available in a number of sectors and industries. The most common sectors for people who seek employment in Edinburgh are sales, information technology, public sector, management consulting and administration. These professional services are available in many different areas across Scotland.