What to Do in Oban


What to Do in Oban

A popular attraction in Oban is the world-renowned Bell-in-hand Blair dance hall. The entire evening is held at the historic Bell-in-hand restaurant, which offers visitors a chance to watch Scottish folk music and take a romantic stroll watching locals dancing. The Bell-in-hand restaurant offers a short walking tour of the entire town, including historical buildings and a short bus or taxi ride to your hotel. You can make the entire ten-day itinerary more interesting by taking around a couple of days and going to the other main attractions in Oban.

Your ten-day itinerary will start with a visit to the world-famous Bell-in-hand distillery. This distillery has three sites in total, including a tasting room for visitors and a museum where you can learn more about the history of the distillery and the artistry of its master blender. On your way from the distillery, you will be able to take a train ride that travels through the traditional villages that were once part of the original settlement. On your way back from the distillery, you can stop into the town centre for a pint of real Bell-in-hand Blairs. The entire itinerary passes through the famous Bell-in-hand village, which is located just off the railway line from the distillery.

After leaving Bell-in-hand Distillery, you will go on a short train ride to the town of Galleon and its famous Loch Lomond. Loch Lomond is an untouched loch that is full of secluded beaches, rolling hills, and stunning mountain scenery. While you are in Loch Lomond, you can take a trip on a train that runs between Inverness and Glasgow. The entire trip will take you around forty-five minutes long, so planning your itinerary in order of shortest distance is highly recommended.

From the town of Galleon, you will take around a half hour train ride to Mallaig Castle, which was one of the Scotland’s most important castle seats for centuries. You will be able to visit the gardens and tasting rooms of the castle before touring the rest of the grounds. The entire tour should take about three hours, depending on how many stops you make along the way.

When you arrive back at the depot in Oban, you will be able to walk to the train station and board a train that will take you to the capital of Strathbogie. From there, you can travel to the town of Mallaig, where you can stay at one of the lochs in the area. The longest train journey in the itinerary takes around seven hours, making this trip very convenient for travelers. There are also bus routes that connect the towns of Mallaig and Strathbogie, which allow you to reach the capital faster than ever before. If you wish to spend your vacation in beautiful County Donegal, then an Oban trip is a must.